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OOWOW getting started

What is OOWOW?

oowow is an embedded service (integrated into your device) - it can be run at any time if you need to perform essential maintenance services on your device.


VIM4 is the first device from Khadas SBCs that includes the oowow embedded service. Since VIM4, Edge2, VIM1S comes without any pre-installed OS, users can use oowow to select and install the preferred OS.

OS Delivery

OOWOW provides rapid online OS download and installation, which will improve quality of life for single board computer users - with OOWOW, you can install / reinstall your preferred OS in just 2-3 minutes.

OOWOW Wizard

The OOWOW wizard will guide you to install a new OS in just 4 steps, and it automatically starts if your device storage is empty.

  • Connect to internet over Wi-Fi or Ethernet
  • Display OS images for your device
  • Select OS installation image
  • Download and install OS into your device

You can check the OOWOW Wizard usage example.

If you need other features, exit from the wizard to the main menu.

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