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The process of new OS Installation is the biggest headache for users of single board computers (SBC); before installing an OS, users must read tons of manuals, trawl through online forums, learn how to install/reinstall using their desktop/laptop PC, learn where to find proper images etc…If something goes wrong it is possible to “BRICK” (destroy) your device(even through we can use TST mode to recovery rhe device).

In other words, any form of device upgrade, maintenance, or OS reinstallation requires advanced skills and external hardware, and this is out of reach for the average user, or users in regions without desktop/laptop PCs. With OOWOW your SBC becomes a standalone device; perform all maintenance functions and OS installation directly from the device itself.

OOWOW understands the end user deeply; it provides an out-of the-box, universal OS delivery and device configuration solution for all SBCs in the market today and into the future.

Live life easily with OOWOW!

Last modified: 2022/09/26 01:16 by hyphop