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Q: What is this OOWOW, is BIOS or boot-loader?
A: OOWOW is an embedded service, its not BIOS its not boot-loader.

Q: Can i remove OOWOW?
A: Yes its possible, user can remove or replace OOWOW from SPI-flash storage to any other content.

Q: Can i use OOWOW on non Khadas devices?
A: At this moment OOWOW provided exclusively for Khadas devices only.

Q: What is the meaning of OOWOW and how to pronounce it?
A: About OOWOW name.

Q: Basic user OS and OOWOW can work together at same time
A: No. OOWOW never works in background and OOWOW stared only by user demand or in rescue mode.

Q: How OOWOW make internal storage backup?
A: Copy whole disk as is byte 2 byte, and compress this raw image by ZSTD or GZIP compression. Then we restore backup, we reproduce absolutely same storage content as its was before


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