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VIM4 Hardware Documentation

VIM4 Interfaces

Top side

Component Purpose
1 USB-A USB 3.0 port that supports 1500mA output
2 RJ-45 Gigabit LAN port that supports Wake-On-LAN
3 HDMI Output HDMI output port supporting CEC
4 USB-C USB-C port with USB power delivery (9-20V input) and 2.0 speeds, can be used for upgrading the OS
5 USB-A USB 2.0 port that supports 1300mA output
6 Fan Header 4-wire fan header utilising pulse width modulation
7 Reset Button Device hardware reset
8 Function Button Multi-functional
9 Power Button Turns on/off device and other multi-functions
A RTC Header A header for connecting a real-time clock (button) battery
B M2 Hole M2 clearance holes for a case, or adding a heatsink
C 40-Pin GPIO General input/output pins for VIM4’s SoC, or plugging-in a Toneboard
D DMIC Digital Microphone
E HDMI Input Type-D HDMI input
F LEDs Indicator LEDs
G MCU STM32G0 micro-controller
H MHF4 Antenna Wi-Fi and Bluetooth antenna connector
I MHF4 Antenna Wi-Fi and Bluetooth antenna connector
J Current Limit Switch Prevents damage to VIM4 due to faulty loading conditions

Back side

Component Purpose
1 VIN 9-20V power input
2 Micro-SD Slot Molex Slot, spec version 2.x/3.x/4.x (SDSC/SDHC/SDXC)
3 M.2 Slot PCIe 2.0 (x1 lane), supports M.2 2280 NVMe SSDs
4 MIPI-CSI 20-pin, 0.5mm pitch, Provided data path for dual cameras
5 MIPI-CSI 30-pin, 0.5mm pitch, 4-lane, dual cameras, 16MP image signal processing
6 MIPI-DSI&TP/eDP 40-pin, 0.5mm pitch FPC connector for 4-lane 1080P displays && TP touch input/eDP
7 V-by-One 30-pin, 0.5mm pitch
8 XPWR Pads Connect an external power switch using these pads
9 SPI Flash Flash memory module that interfaces over SPI
A Current Limit Switch Prevents damage to VIM4L due to faulty loading conditions
B G-Sensor 3-axis accelerometer

Hardware buttons

Reset Function Power Purpose
x Force Reboot VIM4
x Enter Upgrade Mode (TST)
x Power ON/Wake Up VIM4
x Enter Upgrade Mode (KEY)

Special button shortcuts

  • Press FUNCTION 3 times in 2 seconds to enter MaskROM mode
  • Boot OOWOW - hold FUNCTION and short press RESET

GPIO header pinout

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