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VIM1 Interfaces




Component Purpose
1USB-AUSB 2.0 speed, 500mA max output
2RJ-4510/100 Mbps Ethernet
3HDMIHDMI 2.0b with 3D, HDR, CEC and HDCP 2.2
4USB-CUSB 2.0 OTG and 5V power input, can be used for upgrading the OS
5USB-AUSB 2.0 speed, 900mA max output
6Fan Header4-wire fan header utilising pulse width modulation
7Reset ButtonForce reboot your VIM1 in the event of a system freeze
8Function ButtonPress this 3 times in 2 seconds to enter MaskROM mode
9Power ButtonThis button turns on your VIM1
AM2x4 Mounting PointFor mounting to cases and heatsinks
BRTC Battery HeaderHeader for attaching a battery for the real time clock
C40-Pin GPIOLearn how to access the GPIO from here, or use it to add a Toneboard
DInfrared Module2-channel infrared receiver for use with Khadas IR remote
ELEDsStatus indicator LEDs
FI-Pex Wi-Fi / Bluetooth ConnectorWi-Fi / BT Antenna connector


Component Purpose
1VIN5V power input
2Micro-SD Card SlotBoot alternative OSes via a Micro-SD card, and for extra storage
3M-RegisterAllows the EMMC to enter MaskROM mode
4XPWR PadsConnect an external power switch using these pads


Reset Function Power Purpose
x Force Reboot VIM1
x Enter Upgrade Mode (TST)
x Power On/Wake Up VIM1
x x Enter Upgrade Mode (KEYS)

GPIO Pinout

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