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Edge2 Install OS into eMMC via OOWOW

OOWOW provide many ways for eMMC writing, for any configurations…


Common OOWOW menu interface available for HDMI display and USB-keyboard


OOWOW Wizard automate all steps for you, just follow instructions…

Write Image to eMMC

More advanced way. User can choose any suitable image from different locations: local storage SD/USB/… , network storage or download server…


OOWOW menu also provided as web interface for your preferred browser:

API - shell

All next steps doing on pc side by command-lines shell. Both devices must be connected in same local network.

Advanced way for developer, head-less usage, automation, scripting and advanced users: OOWOW API

Write via USB-OTG connection

Edge2 connected by USB to PC always have full access by USB IP:
curl | sh -s - IMAGE_FILE_NAME

IMAGE_FILE_NAME - actual image file name on you local PC for writing to device

Write via Hot-Spot WAN connection

Edge2 connected as Hot-Spot have full access by WAN IP:
curl | sh -s - IMAGE_FILE_NAME

Write via LAN connection

Edge2 by local network name edge2-XXXXX can get scan-local-network-for-edge2-names
curl edge2-XXXXX/shell/write | sh -s - IMAGE_FILE_NAME

Scan local network for edge2 names

We can get access to any Edge2 device by local network name
~$ avahi-browse -a |grep edge2
+  wlan0 IPv4 edge2-00064                                    SSH Remote Terminal  local
+   usb0 IPv4 edge2-00064                                    _device-info._tcp    local
+   usb0 IPv4 edge2-00064                                    SSH Remote Terminal  local
+  wlan0 IPv4 edge2-00064                                    _device-info._tcp    local
~$ ping edge2-00064.local
~$ ssh root@edge2-00064.local

Any time can get right name for your device edge2-XXXXX.local where XXXXX is a last 5 digits from device serial number…


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