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Format USB-flash as oowow dump storage

OOWOW Dump storage can use: ext4 or exfat file systems.

Please be careful with disk formatted as vfat, this variant have 4G file size limitation, and not suitable for big dump images. vfat formatted disks not recommended for oowow usage.

OOWOW sd images, also can works as USB image, in this cases oowow dump storage will be created automatically on same disk as 2nd partition.

Another situation if OOWOW works as embedded service from onboard SPI Flash, and current topic about this

Format usb-storage on remote linux PC side

Whole disk variants:

ext4 format whole disk
sudo mkfs.ext4 -L MY_DISK /dev/sdX
exfat format whole disk
sudo mkfs.exfat -n MY_DISK /dev/sdX

Please replace /dev/sdX to actual device name!

Partitions variants: preferred

exfat format 1st partition
echo -e "label:dos\n\n part1 : start=2048, type=7\n" | sudo sfdisk /dev/sdX
sudo mkfs.exfat -n MY_DISK /dev/sdX1

Format usb-storage inside OOWOW

Formatting inside OOWOW is a easiest way, USB storage will be formatted as exfat, and will be fully compatible for any usage!

Main Menu ⇒ Advanced ⇒ Format USB user storage disk

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