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VIM4 Remove GPU Package

In order to have better desktop experience, the Ubuntu OS has Wayland GPU support by default.

But in some situations, this may break some software, so we provide a way to uninstall the GPU package here to use CPU rendering.

sudo apt remove linux-gpu-mali-wayland
sudo apt install --reinstall libegl1-mesa  libegl1  libgles2  libgles2-mesa  libegl1-mesa-dev  libgles2-mesa-dev  libglvnd-dev  libgles1  libwayland-dev  mesa-common-dev  libgl-dev  libegl-dev libgles-dev libgbm-dev  libgbm1  libwayland-egl1
sudo reboot
Last modified: 2022/11/21 22:41 by nick