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VIM3/3L Install OS into eMMC via USB Flash Tool

Install on Windows PC


Download the USB Burning Tool and extract it to somewhere.

Install the Flash Tool

Run setup_v2.x.x.exe to install the tool.

Install the OS

  • Open USB_Burning_tool_v2.x.x.exe, click File–>Import Image to choose an OS image for your board.
  • Connect your board to your PC with a USB-C data cable (the board will power on automatically).
  • Put your board into Upgrade Mode.
  • If you have performed steps 2 and 3 correctly, your PC will automatically discover your board as an attached USB-device.
  • Now all you need to do is to click the Start button and wait for burning to complete.

  • To interrupt burning, click the Stop button, then close the USB Upgrade Tool. Note that the eMMC may already have been completely erased if you went past the 15% mark.
  • An External Power Supply may be required in cases where your PC cannot provide enough electrical power for the burning process.

Install on Ubuntu PC

Tools were only verified to function properly on Ubuntu. No guarantees were made for other Linux distributions!


Install the dependencies.

$ sudo apt-get install libusb-dev git parted

Download the Tool

Flash tools for Ubuntu/Linux.

$ git clone

Or just pull it (if you have already cloned this repository).

$ cd /path/to/utils
$ git pull

Install the Flash Tool

You need to install USB rules and create some links.

$ cd /path/to/utils
$ sudo ./INSTALL

You will see this print-out if it was successful.

Installing Amlogic flash-tool...
Host PC: Ubuntu 16.04
Installing USB rules...
[sudo] password for User:
Installing flash-tool...
Installing Rockchip flash-tool...
Host PC: Ubuntu 16.04
Installing USB rules...
Installing flash-tool...
Installing Khadas burn-tool...

Root privilege is required.

Check the USB Driver

You must now put your board into Upgrade Mode.

Check to see if Ubuntu has detected your board as an attached USB device.

VIM Series

$ lsusb | grep Amlogic
Bus 003 Device 073: ID 1b8e:c004 Amlogic, Inc. DNL

Edge Series

$ lsusb | grep Rockchip
Bus 003 Device 117: ID 2207:350b Fuzhou Rockchip Electronics Company 

The message above means that your board is connected and recogized by Ubuntu.

Install the OS on Ubuntu


$ burn-tool -v aml -b VIM1 -i /path/to/image


$ burn-tool -v aml -b VIM2 -i /path/to/image


$ burn-tool -v aml -b VIM3 -i /path/to/image


$ burn-tool -v aml -b VIM4 -i /path/to/image


$ burn-tool -v aml -b VIM1S -i /path/to/image


$ rk-burn-tool -i /path/to/image


$ burn-tool -v rk -i /path/to/image

For more information please refer to flash-tool docs.

Uninstall the Flash Tool

$ cd /path/to/utils
$ sudo ./UNINSTALL
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