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VIM2 Setup HDMI Resolution


This document mainly introduces the HDMI resolution setting method. You will learn how to set HDMI resolution.

VIM1/VIM2/VIM3/VIM3L: Only for Linux 4.9 image, mainline kernel image can use a more common way!

System Configuration

There are 2 ways to set the HDMI resolution:

  • Configuration file
  • Desktop application

Desktop Application

Find HDMI Resolution application in the list of system applications.


Select resolution.


Choose a resolution you want, then click OK.


The system will automatically log out and the resolution setting will take effect.

Configuration file

Edit file /boot/env.txt to setup the resolution.

  • Set hdmi_autodetect=no.
  • Set hdmi node, e.g. hdmi=1080p60hz.
  • Save the file.

Reboot to take effect.

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Last modified: 2022/07/13 22:12 by frank