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VIM1S Getting Started

Setting up your VIM1S

To get started with your Khadas VIM1S you’ll need the following accessories:

Connecting a Display

Your VIM1S has an HDMI port which you can connect directly to a monitor with an HDMI cable.

Supply the Power

Your VIM1S is compatible with various types of power supplies, and these are the minimum specifications for the best performance and stability.

After connecting a 5V/2A power source to the USB-C port, your VIM1S will boot up. You will see the Khadas Logo appear on your display, and the white LED will flash in a regular pattern, the borad will boot into OOWOW by default if you haven't installed any OS into the eMMC.

Installing the Operating System

Once you boot into OOWOW, you can follow the OOWOW wizard to install the OS you preferred.

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