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VIM1S Download Android Source Code


This document mainly introduces how to download the Android source code of VIM1S.

Get Source Code

Install git-lfs tool to download Android 11.0 SDK

$ sudo apt install git-lfs

1. Create an empty directory to store working files


2. Run repo init to download the manifest repository first

$ repo init -u -b khadas-vim1s-r

3. Run repo sync to pull down the Android Source branch

$ repo sync -j4

It will take approx one hour to complete the initial sync operation.

You might need to run above command repeatly if it fails halfway. Or you can try with this script instead:
repo sync -j4
while [ $? = 1 ]; do
	echo "Sync failed, repeat again:"
	repo sync -j4

If needed, press Ctrl+C to quit.

4. Run the following command to pull large files. Otherwise, compilation will report an error.

$ repo forall -c 'git lfs pull'

5. Begin a new branch for development

$ repo start <BRANCH_NAME> --all

Further Reading

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