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Edge2 Online burn

  1. Connect Edge2 to PC by USB cable
  2. Activate USB Burn mode - by pressing quickly KEY_FUN x 3 times
  3. try the next commands from your PC

Just copy one command line to Linux terminal… (copy-paste mode)

Restore OOWOW firmware

write latest oowow into spi flash
curl | sh -s - oowow --write --spi

Write Android to emmc

write android to emmc
curl | sh -s - android --write

Fast OOWOW from emmc

write latest oowow to emmc
curl | sh -s - oowow --write

Write Ubuntu to emmc

write ubuntu to emmc
curl | sh -s - ubuntu --write

Write custom remote images examples

write remote image from link
write remote image from by short name to spi flash
rockchip-burn edge2-oowow-230308.000-spi.img.gz --spi

Write Local images examples

write local image to emmc
rockchip-burn ./edge2-oowow-230308.000-sd.img.gz
write local image to spi
rockchip-burn ./edge2-oowow-230308.000-spi.img.gz --spi


  • Linux systems only
  • x86 arch only
  • Tested on Ubuntu but must works for any other linux system
  • Ubuntu 22.04 - OKAY


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