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Edge2 RT (Real Time) kernel

We have provided a test verison of Real Time kernel for Edge2 Linux system, if you want to experience this kernel you can follow the steps below to build the images.

This is just a testing version of Real Time kernel and we haven't do the fully testing, so be aware of bugs.

Apply patch

You need to apply a patch to fenix to support the Real Time kernel branch.

diff --git a/config/boards/Edge2.conf b/config/boards/Edge2.conf
index 429e299f..9b8a974c 100644
--- a/config/boards/Edge2.conf
+++ b/config/boards/Edge2.conf
@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@ case "$LINUX" in
                [ "$LINUX_VENDOR_DIR" ] && \
                LINUX_DIR=$(realpath "$LINUX_VENDOR_DIR")
-               LINUX_GIT_BRANCH="khadas-edges-5.10.y-release-v1.0.0"
+               LINUX_GIT_BRANCH="khadas-edges-5.10.y-rt-test"

Build real time kernel images

You can follow Build Ubuntu to build the Real Time kernel Ubuntu images.

Real time kernel source code

You can find the Real Time kernel source here: linux/tree/khadas-edges-5.10.y-rt-test

Last modified: 2023/09/19 06:18 by nick