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Edge1 Build Linux U-Boot

We provided Fenix for you to build the Ubuntu OS images easily. You can follow the steps bellow to build U-Boot.

Setup Environment

Choose your board (e.g. Edge), U-Boot version, Linux version, system version, etc.

$ source

Choose the correct version for your requirements.

Build U-Boot Debian package

You can also choose the Debian U-Boot package:

$ make uboot-deb

Debian packages are located in build/images/debs/{VERSION}/{BOARD}.

VERSION : refers to the Fenix version, e.g. 1.0.11
BOARD : refers to the Khadas SBC, e.g. Edge

The folder location is build/images/debs/1.0.11/Edge, and the Debian U-Boot package is linux-u-boot-xxx-xxx_xxx-xxx_arm64.deb.

  • SoC Vendor Debian U-Boot package: linux-u-boot-edge-vendor_1.0.11-2017.09_arm64.deb

About U-Boot Source Code

U-Boot for Edge, the branch is khadas-edge-v2017.09.

See Aslo

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