How To Use Tengine SDK

Tengine SDK is used to convert the trained model into the tengine model that can be run on the NPU.

Here takes yolov3 of the darknet framework as an example to demonstrate how to convert yolov3 to tmfile.


The tengine SDK source code repository is on gitlab of khadas

$ mkdir workspace && cd workspace
$ git clone
$ cd tengine_khadas_sdk && ls
docs sdk tengine_tools toolchains
  1. docs : Usage and documentation including conversion and quantification
  2. sdk : Used to compile tengine demo
  3. tengine_toos : Use, transform and quantify models
  4. toolchains : Compilation tool for compiling tengine demo

How to convert and quant

Get yolov3 original file

Before starting the conversion and quantification, get the weights file and cfg file of yolov3


Prepare photo gallery

A certain amount of pictures need to be used for quantification

$ ls workspace/quant
quant100.jpg quant16.jpg quant22.jpg quant29.jpg quant35.jpg quant41.jpg quant48.jpg quant54.jpg quant60.jpg quant67.jpg quant73.jpg quant7.jpg quant86.jpg quant92.jpg quant99.jpg
quant10.jpg quant17.jpg quant23.jpg quant2.jpg quant36.jpg quant42.jpg quant49.jpg quant55.jpg quant61.jpg quant68.jpg quant74.jpg quant80.jpg quant87.jpg quant93.jpg quant9.jpg
quant11.jpg quant18.jpg quant24.jpg quant30.jpg quant37.jpg quant43.jpg quant4.jpg quant56.jpg quant62.jpg quant69.jpg quant75.jpg quant81.jpg quant88.jpg quant94.jpg
quant12.jpg quant19.jpg quant25.jpg quant31.jpg quant38.jpg quant44.jpg quant50.jpg quant57.jpg quant63.jpg quant6.jpg quant76.jpg quant82.jpg quant89.jpg quant95.jpg
quant13.jpg quant1.jpg quant26.jpg quant32.jpg quant39.jpg quant45.jpg quant51.jpg quant58.jpg quant64.jpg quant70.jpg quant77.jpg quant83.jpg quant8.jpg quant96.jpg
quant14.jpg quant20.jpg quant27.jpg quant33.jpg quant3.jpg quant46.jpg quant52.jpg quant59.jpg quant65.jpg quant71.jpg quant78.jpg quant84.jpg quant90.jpg quant97.jpg
quant15.jpg quant21.jpg quant28.jpg quant34.jpg quant40.jpg quant47.jpg quant53.jpg quant5.jpg quant66.jpg quant72.jpg quant79.jpg quant85.jpg quant91.jpg quant98.jpg

100 images from the VOC2012 dataset are used here

Convert and quant

$ cd workspace/tengine_khadas_sdk/tengine_tools/quant_tool
$ ./quant_tool -f darknet -m workspace/yolov3.weights -p workspace/yolov3.cfg -o yolov3.tmfile -a MINMAX -i workspace/quant -x 128,128,128 -y 128,128,128 -z 416,416,3 -c INTERNAL -t UINT8 -n 100
major: 0, minor: 2, revision: 0, seen: 0, transpose: 0
---- 0:/home/yan/data/tmp/VOCdevkit/VOC2012/quant/quant88.jpg ---- done
Darknet ------- 1:/home/yan/data/tmp/VOCdevkit/VOC2012/quant/quant94.jpg ---- done
Darknet ------- 2:/home/yan/data/tmp/VOCdevkit/VOC2012/quant/quant5.jpg ---- done
Darknet ------- 99:/home/yan/data/tmp/VOCdevkit/VOC2012/quant/quant7.jpg ---- done
Darknet ---===================================================================================
Create tengine model file done: yolov3_FP32.tmfile and yolov3_UINT8.tmfile

$ ls
quant_tool yolov3_FP32.tmfile yolov3.tmfile yolov3.tmfilefinetunescale yolov3.tmfileoutscale yolov3_UINT8.tmfile

Among them, yolov3_UINT8.tmfile is the quantized tmfile that can be run on the NPU


For detailed parameter description, please refer to workspace/tengine_khadas_sdk/docs