How To Compile And Run Tengine Demo

The source code repository is a simple demo repository made by khadas based on the tengine API

Get Source code

The source code repository is located on gitlab of khadas

$ mkdir workspace
$ cd workspace
$ git clone
$ cd tengine_khadas_app
$ ls
yolov3-camera yolov3-picture

yolov3-camera and yolov3-picture are based on the demos of camera recognition and picture recognition of opencv respectively

How To Compile

  1. Get SDK
$ cd workspace
$ git clone
  1. Compile


$ cd workspace/tengine_khadas_app/yolov3-picture
$ ./ workspace/tengine_khadas_sdk/
COMPILE workspace/tengine_khadas_app/yolov3-picture/tengine_khadas_yolov3_picture.cpp
$ ls cv3_output/
tengine_khadas_yolov3_picture tengine_khadas_yolov3_picture.o


$ cd workspace/tengine_khadas_app/yolov3-camera
$ ./ workspace/tengine_khadas_sdk/
COMPILE workspace/tengine_khadas_app/yolov3-camera/tengine_khadas_yolov3_camera.cpp
$ ls cv3_output/
tengine_khadas_yolov3_camera tengine_khadas_yolov3_camera.o

Among them, tengine_khadas_yolov3_picture and tengine_khadas_yolov3_camera are compiled executable files

How To Run

  1. Get tmfile

Please refer to How To Use Tengine SDK

  1. Run
$ ./tengine_khadas_yolov3_camera -m path/to/yolov3 uint8_t timfile -i path/to/picture
$ ./tengine_khadas_yolov3_camera -m path/to/yolov3 uint8_t timfile -d /dev/videoX