title: How To Use MIPI Camera

How To Connect MIPI Camera

Attaching a camera for the first-time to VIM3’s MIPI-CSI header? Refer to this picture:
note: The reverse connection will burn the camera, please check the connection of the picture carefully before connecting


User MIPI Camera via Guvcview

Open Guvcview

The desktop version has Guvcview pre-installed, find and open this software in the software list.


Guvcview Setting

The name of the MIPI camera is Juno R2.


The resolution is set to 1920x10800 and the RGB format is BGR3-BGR3.


After the setting is successful, you can use the camera normally.

Test IR-Cut

You can test IR-Cut via v4l2

The test needs to be conducted in the framebuffer mode, and switch to the framebuffer mode through the keyboard combination of Ctrl+Alt+F1.

disable IR-Cut

v4l2_test  -c 1 -p 0 -F 0 -f 0 -D 0 -R 1 -r 2 -d 2 -N 1000 -n 800 -w 0 -e 1 -I 0 -b /dev/fb0 -v /dev/video0

enable IR-Cut

v4l2_test  -c 1 -p 0 -F 0 -f 0 -D 0 -R 1 -r 2 -d 2 -N 1000 -n 800 -w 0 -e 1 -I 1 -b /dev/fb0 -v /dev/video0

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