Build Boot-Up Logo for U-Boot

This is a guide for building the boot-up logo on Amlogic platforms (may be different on other SoC platforms):

  • The Logo is loaded on U-Boot
  • Build as logo.img with a separate logo partition
  • Will display at the point of U-Boot load logo.img. It will disappear when the boot-animation of Android begins.
  • If you don’t want to display a bootup logo, just leave the logo partition blank.


Before you begin, you’ll need a bootup picture with the following specs:

  • BMP format, should be:
    • 16bit RGB565 BMP format
  • Resolution <= 1080P (1920 * 1080)

Check the bmp file:

$ file ~/Pictures/khadas.bmp 
/home/gouwa/Pictures/khadas.bmp: data

An example bootup logo file khadas.bmp is provided for reference.

In this guide, we will introduce two different approaches to build the bootup Logo.

Build Logo Separately

1) Clone the tool:

$ git clone

2) Update a new logo picture as you want:

$ mkdir -p images/logo
$ cp ~/Pictures/khadas.bmp images/logo/bootup.bmp

3) Build the logo:

$ ./utils/logo_img_packer -r images/logo/ images/logo.img 
dbg:item num 1
dbg:pack item [bootup]

Build Logo on Android

1) Update a new logo picture as you want:

$ cp ~/Pictures/khadas.bmp device/khadas/kvim/product/logo/bootup.bmp

2) Build the logo:

$ make logoimg

See this build log for reference:

$ make logoimg


generate out/target/product/kvim/upgrade/logo.img
gzip -c device/khadas/kvim/product/logo/bootup.bmp > out/target/product/kvim/upgrade/logo/bootup.bmp
dbg:item num 8
dbg:pack item [bootup]
dbg:pack item [upgrade_upgrading]
dbg:pack item [upgrade_fail]
dbg:pack item [upgrade_unfocus]
dbg:pack item [upgrade_error]
dbg:pack item [upgrade_success]
dbg:pack item [upgrade_logo]
dbg:pack item [upgrade_bar]
Installed out/target/product/kvim/upgrade/logo.img

#### make completed successfully (01:54 (mm:ss)) ####


Download the logo.img

1) Copy the new logo.img to a thumbdrive (U-disk):

$ cp images/logo.img /media/gouwa/9B98-6C15/

2) Insert the thumbdrive into your VIM, then boot into U-Boot mode.

3) Update logo partition as new logo.img:

kvim# usb_update logo logo.img

4) Refresh to see the new logo:

kvim# run init_display

Further reading

You might notice that there are other pictures that are also built into logo.img. They are listed below:

$ ls device/khadas/kvim/product/logo/
bootup.bmp upgrade_error.bmp upgrade_logo.bmp upgrade_unfocus.bmp
upgrade_bar.bmp upgrade_fail.bmp upgrade_success.bmp upgrade_upgrading.bmp

These pictures are used to indicate different upgrade states. They are optional.

You can check this source code for further details:


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