Bluetooth Instructions

This guide is about how to use Bluetooth Media Device in Ubuntu.

What needs to be prepared

  1. Development board with Ubuntu firmware version.
  2. Bluetooth Media Device (This document use a bluetooth headset).
  3. Music player (This document use by

Connect Bluetooth Media Device

Open Bluetooth Manager(preferences/Bluetooth Manager) and pair you deivce.Then choice headset mode.

bluetooth connect

If you Connect success then you will see this.

bluetooth connect success

Playing music and related settings

If you can play music normally, it means that your settings are all right.But sometimes you encounter problems that cannot be played.At this point, you need to confirm the following points:

1.Check you player streams.

bluetooth player status
note:Because I use web player.there is Chromium.If you music player isn’t web player,you will see your palyer there.

2.Open volume control,and Confirm the settings in two places.

bluetooth player back bluetooth player configuretion
First is your player choose the right playback device.Then make sure your device is in A2DP Sink mode.