Upgrade Android Via a TF Card


  • Download the Burn Card Maker Tool and extract it.
  • Prepare a TF card and a card reader, the card will be formatted, you might need to back up the data first.
  • A HDMI supported display/monitor.

Upgrading Steps:

  1. Run ‘Burn_Card_Maker.exe’ tool:
    Image of BurnCardMaker_Tool
  2. Insert the TF card into your PC, it should appear as a new drive letter. Then:
    • Select the TF card drive in the drop-down list of Choose the disk.
    • [Optional] Enable To Partition and Format(Enable this when the first time you making the booting card for vim1).
    • Click Open button and choose the image for Vim.
    • Click Make button to create the burning card for Vim:
      Image of BurnCardMaker_Tool_Interface
  3. When everything is done, click the Success button to quit current operation.
  4. Plug out the TF card from your PC and then insert it into the TF Card slot of Vim.
  5. Connect the USB-C & HDMI cables, and power on Vim.
  6. Let Vim enter into upgrade mode to complete the upgrading:
    • Long press Power key without release
    • Short press Reset key and release
    • Count 2-3 seconds and release the Power key to enter into upgrade mode.

If everything goes fine, now your display/monitor should display like this:

Image of Upgrading_Interface

Have Fun!

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