How To Setup the Cooling Fan

This guide is about how to setup the cooling fan in Ubuntu.


Ubuntu version must be V20190319 or newer.

From Ubuntu V20190319, the cooling fan is enabled by default.

The cooling fan has 5 working modes:

  • off : Cooling fan is disabled.
  • low : Cooling fan is working at low speed mode.
  • mid : Coolinn fan is working at middle speed mode.
  • high: Cooling fan is working at high speed mode.
  • auto: Cooling fan is working at auto speed mode. By default, the fan speed is determined by CPU temperature.

You can edit file /boot/env.txt to setup the FAN mode, the default mode is auto.

  • Set cooling fan to low speed mode:

    • Edit file /boot/env.txt and set fan_mode=low.
  • Set cooling fan to mid speed mode:

    • Edit file /boot/env.txt and set fan_mode=mid.
  • Set cooling fan to high speed mode:

    • Edit file /boot/env.txt and set fan_mode=high.
  • Set cooling fan to auto speed mode:

    • Edit file /boot/env.txt and set fan_mode=auto.
  • Disable cooling fan:

    • Edit file /boot/env.txt and set fan_mode=off.

After edit the file, you need to save the file and reboot the board.

khadas@Khadas:~$ sync
khadas@Khadas:~$ sudo reboot
  • Open Application

You can find the application which name FAN Setting in your application list.

FAN Setting

Click to open it.

  • Select mode you want

Fan Setting

You can choose the mode you want, the default is auto.

  • Save the Mode or not

Fan save

You can choose to save it or not.


Type your sudo password.