How To Change Boot Logo

  • Where is Logo

Logo is stored in the /usr/share directory.

$ ls /usr/share/fenix/logo/logo.bmp
  • Logo format

The image format requires a BMP format with a resolution of 500x500px and the Bit-Depth of 24 bits.

$ file /usr/share/fenix/logo/logo.bmp
/usr/share/fenix/logo/logo.bmp: PC bitmap, Windows 3.x format, 500 x 500 x 24, image size 750002, resolution 2834 x 2834 px/m, cbSize 750056, bits offset 54
  • How To Change

Switch to root user

$ su

Replace the logo in the correct format, and you will see the new logo after restarting

root@Khadas:/home/khadas# cp ${new-logo}.bmp /usr/share/fenix/logo/logo.bmp
root@Khadas:/home/khadas# sync
root@Khadas:/home/khadas# reboot