Build Ubuntu/Debian Image

You can use Fenix (one-stop script set) to build Ubuntu/Debian images.

Clone Fenix repository

Clone Fenix repo to somewhere like: ~/project/

$ mkdir ~/project/
$ cd ~/project/
$ git clone

Setup build environment

You should setup the build environment first.For example board type, linux version, distribution, etc.

$ cd ~/project/fenix
$ source env/

You will get result like this:

nick@Nick:~/project/khadas/ubuntu$ source env/ 

Choose Khadas board:
1. VIM1
2. VIM2
3. Edge

Which board would you like? [1] 1

Choose uboot version:
1. uboot-2015.01
2. uboot-mainline

Which uboot version would you like? [1]

Choose linux version:
1. linux-3.14
2. linux-4.9
3. linux-mainline

Which linux version would you like? [1]

Choose distribution:
1. Ubuntu
2. Debian

Which distribution would you like? [1]

Choose Ubuntu release:
1. xenial

Which Ubuntu release would you like? [1]

Choose Ubuntu type:
1. server
2. mate

Which Ubuntu type would you like? [1]

Choose Ubuntu architecture:
1. arm64
2. armhf

Which Ubuntu architecture would you like? [1]

Choose install type:

Which install type would you like? [1]



Environment setup done.
Type 'make' to build.


Build image

If you have setup the environment then it’s time to build the image.
And Fenix requires root privileges, you need to enter your password.

$ make

NOTE:If it’s your first time to build, the script will check your host PC environment
and install some essential packages, and some repos(u-boot,linux) will be cloned
automatically from Khadas GitHub.

Get help messages

You can get help messags by executing make help:

$ make help
Fenix scripts help messages:
all - Create image according to environment.
kernel - Build linux kernel.
uboot - Build u-boot.
debs - Build linux debs.
image - Pack update image.
clean - Cleanup.
info - Display current environment.

make kernel

Build linux kernel only.

make uboot

Build u-boot only.

make debs

Build linux deb packages.

make image

Pack image.

make clean


make info

Display current environment.