Khadas VIM3L Ubuntu Firmware Release Notes

For OTA Releases

Please check How To Upgrade The System to upgrade the system to latest OTA release.

VIM3L Only support Ubuntu 20.04 for Linux 4.9.

v1.0.9-211217: (OTA Release)

  1. fix i2s for
  2. improve ssh keys
  3. fix wol
  4. add more overlays
  5. add ext borad support
  6. update npu package to version
  7. bug fixup

V1.0.7-210625: (OTA Release)

  1. remove opencv3 package
  2. adapt new Wi-Fi driver
  3. add ‘command-not-found’ package
  4. fix screen flicker when write data to NVMe SSD
  5. fix npu driver crash for VIM3L
  6. add npu package missing libraries & herders
  7. add Tengine support for VIM3L
  8. update Tengine to version 1.4-dev

V1.0.6-210520: (OTA Release)

  1. fix bluetooth issue on desktop
  2. fix reboot hangs on wait eth0
  3. update npu libraries to version

V1.0.5-210430: (OTA Release)

  1. fix alsa issue
  2. fix server image panel issue
  3. add fb rotate support
  4. setup i2s as DT overlay
  5. fan trigger temperature can setup under userspace
  6. fix bluetooth issue
  7. add SDL2 mali support
  8. add PPSSPP support
  9. add QT5 eglfs mali gpu support

V1.0.4-210330: (OTA Release)

  1. fix watchdog
  2. add ubuntu splash support
  3. improve loglevel setup
  4. fix board dependencies
  5. fix npu package conflict with jpeg package

V1.0.3-210317: (OTA Release)

  1. fix board package dependencies issue
  2. fix desktop package dependencies issue
  3. add gsensor support

V1.0.2-210130: (OTA Release)

  1. VIM3L: fix load dts overlays failure with android u-boot
  2. add kernel options
  3. fix tengine_libs_deb
  4. fix h265 encode i420 format
  5. add usb gadget setup
  6. npu package add ovxinc headers

V1.0.1-210119: (OTA Release)

  1. fix tengine libraries
  2. add usb otg device overlays descriptions

V0.9.7-20201126: (OTA Release)

  1. NPU version 6.4.3CB
  2. fixed kplayer
  3. fixed wiringpi for focal

V0.9.5-20200828: (OTA Release)

  1. npu library
  2. add more HDMI resolutions

V0.9.3-20200814: (OTA Release)

  1. Add kodi (18.7) support
  2. Add python3-wiringpi support
  3. Add support for customized freq setup
  4. Add hardware optimization
  5. Add CPU Frequency Setting desktop application (Applications->CPU Frequency Setting)
  6. Fix
  7. Add customer kernel args support

V20200530: (Base Release)

  1. Initial support for Ubuntu 20.04 Focal
  2. Linux 4.9.224
VIM3L Only support Ubuntu 20.04 for Mainline Linux.

v1.0.9-211217: (OTA Release)

  1. Linux 5.16-rc2
  2. add npu support
  3. fix PCIe driver to support B+M key Coral

V1.0.5-210430: (OTA Release)

  1. Linux 5.12

V0.9.1-20200602: (OTA Release)

  1. Linux 5.7.0

V20200530: (Base Release)

  1. Initial support for Ubuntu 20.04 Focal
  2. U-boot 2020.04
  3. Linux 5.7-rc7