Frequently Asked Questions

How to upgrade firmware?


  1. Put VIMs enter upgrade mode.
  2. Two ways to upgrade:


  1. Put Edge enter upgrade mode.
  2. Two ways to upgrade:

What’s eMMC image and SD/USB image?

eMMC image: Should burn to eMMC storage via USB cable and boot form it, can’t burn to SD/USB storage.
For example: Android and Ubuntu contains EMMC mark.

SD/USB image: Should burn to TF card or U-disk and boot from it, can’t burn to eMMC storage.
For example: Armbian, Ubuntu contains SD_USB mark, LibreELEC and CoreELEC.

How to bootup SD/USB images?

In order to bootup SD/USB images, you need Android(V180209 or newer) or Ubuntu(V180531 or newer) running on eMMC and need to activate the multi-boot, please refer to boot from external media.

How to build my own Ubuntu/Debian images?

Please refer to build Ubuntu/Debian images.