Upgrade Via a USB-C Cable

Upgrade On Windows


  • Download the USB driver and extract it.
  • Run DriverInstall.exe to install USB drivers.
    • Click Uninstall button to uninstall old drivers
      DriverInstall uninstall
    • Click Install button to install drivers
      DriverInstall install
  • Download the Android Tool and extract it.
  • AndroidTool.exe is the burning tool, you don’t need to install.

Upgrading Steps

Make sure that you have right installed the USB drivers, then follow the below steps to upgrade:

  1. Open AndroidTool.exe, click Upgrade Firmware-->Firmware to chose an image for Edge.
    AndroidTool firmware select
  2. Connect Edge and PC with an USB-C cable(Edge will power on automately).
  3. Let Edge enter into upgrade mode to complete the upgrading.
  4. Your PC should have found Edge device as upgrade mode if you correctly follow the above operations.
  • Loader mode you will see this:
    AndroidTool loader
  • Maskrom mode you will see this:
    AndroidTool maskrom

Now all you need to do is to click Upgrade button of the tool and wait the upgrading to complete:
AndroidTool upgrade

Upgrade On Ubuntu


$ sudo apt-get install libusb-dev git parted

Get burning tool

Image burning tool on Ubuntu is in repository utils.

$ git clone https://github.com/khadas/utils

Or just pull it if you have cloned this repository.

$ cd /path/to/utils
$ git pull

Install burning tool

You need to install USB rules and create some links.

$ cd /path/to/utils

You will see this if successed.

Installing Amlogic flash-tool...


Host PC: Ubuntu 16.04


Installing USB rules...
[sudo] password for nick:
Installing flash-tool...

Installing Rockchip flash-tool...


Host PC: Ubuntu 16.04


Installing USB rules...
Installing flash-tool...
Installing Khadas burn-tool...

NOTE: Root privilege required.

How to burn image on Ubuntu

There are two commands can be used to burn image: burn-tool and rk-burn-tool.

  • General command burn-tool:
$ burn-tool -v rk -i /path/to/image
  • Rockchip platform command rk-burn-tool:
$ rk-burn-tool -i /path/to/image

You will see the logs if successed.

Try to burn Rockchip image...
Rockchip Android image (or linux image compatible with AndroidTool one image burning) found!
Try to burn Rockchip image...
Loading firmware...
Support Type:RK330C FW Ver:6.0.277 FW Time:2018-06-15 17:10:26
Loader ver:1.12 Loader Time:2018-06-15 16:59:09
Upgrade firmware ok.

Uninstall burning tool

$ cd /path/to/utils

NOTE:This burning tool has only been verified on Ubuntu 16.04.

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