How To Upgrade The Logo

We use Fenix to build Ubuntu/Debian images, The default logo is archives/logo/Rockchip/logo.img, so you can use your own logo image to replace the default one.

  • Build the logo image

Use yor bmp file to replace the defaut logo file in linux directory.

$ cp yourlogo.bmp logo.bmp
$ cp youtlogo.bmp logo_kernel.bmp

Build the logo image:

$ ./scripts/

You will get the logo image logo.img in linux directory. You can use this logo image to replace the default one in fenix SDK.

You can also upgade the logo directly in the ready to use image. Copy logo.img to board and update the logo:

$ sudo dd if=logo.img of=/dev/mmcblk1p5
$ sync

The NMP file should be 24 bpp.