How To Setup A Cooling Fan

This guide is about how to setup a cooling fan in Ubuntu.


  • Ubuntu version must be V20190116 or newer

For Ubuntu V20190116, the cooling fan is enabled by default.

The cooling fan has 5 working modes:

  • off : Cooling fan is disabled.
  • low : Cooling fan is working at low speed mode.
  • mid : Coolinn fan is working at middle speed mode.
  • high: Cooling fan is working at high speed mode.
  • auto: Cooling fan is working at auto speed mode. By default, the fan speed is determined by CPU temperature.
  • on : Cooling fan alias for auto. See above.

Setup Working Mode

You can edit file /boot/env.txt to setup the fan mode, the default mode is auto.

  • Set cooling fan to low speed mode:

Edit file /boot/env.txt and set fan_mode=low.

  • Set cooling fan to mid speed mode:

Edit file /boot/env.txt and set fan_mode=mid.

  • Set cooling fan to high speed mode:

Edit file /boot/env.txt and set fan_mode=high.

  • Set cooling fan to auto speed mode:

Edit file /boot/env.txt and set fan_mode=auto.

  • Disable cooling fan:

Edit file /boot/env.txt and set fan_mode=off.

After edit the file, please save the modification and reboot the board.

khadas@Khadas:~$ sync
khadas@Khadas:~$ sudo reboot

Query fan mode / level, temperature and trigger after boot

To query the fan mode/level, temperature and trigger after booting use the following commands:

  • mode : Query the actual fan mode/level.
  • temp : Query the actual CPU temperature.
  • trig : Query the three different temperature trigger for low, mid and high fan level.
khadas@Khadas:~$ sudo --help
Help: Command line parameters:

Usage: /usr/local/bin/ [on|auto|off] :: Set fan mode
/usr/local/bin/ [low|mid|high] :: Set fan level
/usr/local/bin/ [temp] :: Query cpu temperature
/usr/local/bin/ [trig] :: Query fan trigger temperature
/usr/local/bin/ [mode] :: Query fan mode/level
/usr/local/bin/ [--help|-h] :: This text

Examp: /usr/local/bin/ auto